Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Vol.8 (The 9th International Conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 2011)
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The Performance of Motorcycle Lanes in Jakarta and Sragen
*Leksmono Suryo PutrantoGede Pasek SuardikaReza SunggiardiAri Sarif MunandarImam Lutfi
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In the last five years the motorcycle use in Indonesia was growing rapidly. In Indonesian Highway Capacity Manual, IHCM (1997) percentage of motorcycle was significantly lower than recent condition. This is due to severe congestion as an impact of unsatisfactory public transport services and uncontrolled city development. Whilst improving the quality of public transport, city transport authority needs to manage motorcycle traffic, e.g. by implementing motorcycle lane. In this paper only motocycle lanes in Jakarta and Sragen will be evaluated in terms of rate of effectiveness and rate of exclusiveness. Person correlations between these rates and V/C were evaluated. There was no clear pattern of sign of Pearson correlation (r) between rate of effectiveness and V/C (volume to capacity ratio) and between rate of exclusiveness and V/C. Therefore effectiveness and exclusiveness of motorcycle lane were not related to V/C but rely more to the motorcycle lane system and design. Furthermore, law enforcement is a must if the system and design of the motorcycle lane are easaly violated.

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