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Computer Simulation of Scattering Xe+ Ions from InP(001)❬110❭ Surface at Grazing Incidence
Karimov Mukhtorjon KarimberganovichMatchоnov Khusniddin JamoladdinovichOtaboeva Kamola Uchkun qiziOtaboev Mexroj Uchkun o'g'li
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2019 年 17 巻 p. 179-183


The article describes a new possibility of study by the method of computer simulation the energy and angular distribution of Xe+ ions scattered from the InP(001)❬110❭ surface at glancing incidence by initial energies of 1 keV and 3 keV. It is shown that glancing scattered ions formed double peaks in energy distribution curves which corresponded to the scattered ions from surface atomic rows and semichannels. It was shown that, at grazing surface semichanneling conditions, an intense peak arising from the effect of ion focusing was observed in the angular distribution. The results allow studies of semiconductor surfaces by using low energy ion scattering spectroscopy.

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