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Potential of High-density Convergent Plasma Sputtering Device for Magnetic Film Deposition
Taisei MotomuraTatsuo Tabaru
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2019 年 17 巻 p. 27-31


A high-density convergent plasma sputtering device has been developed for magnetic film deposition. The external convergent magnetic field is produced by a solenoid coil and a permanent magnet positioned behind the ferromagnetic metal target. The ion density and the ion accelerating voltage are individually controlled since the ion production and sputtering areas are separated like an ion beam sputtering device. Iron (Fe) thin films are deposited on an unheated substrate using argon plasmas under the target to substrate distance of 54 mm. The films consist of the α-Fe phase with a body-centered cubic crystal structure. The deposition rate was about 25 nm min−1 at a sputtering gas pressure of 0.2 Pa.

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