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Technological Report
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2018 年 86 巻 1 号 p. 10-18


In our previous paper (Electrochemistry, 85(4), 186 (2017)), we have reported that the porous current collector could be produced with a pico-second pulse laser system and that graphite electrodes prepared with porous Cu current collectors improved the rate of Li+-pre-doping reaction in the laminated graphite electrodes. In this study, in order to speed up the rate of the pre-doping reaction more, the porous graphite electrodes were prepared by directly opening the holes on the surface of graphite electrodes with a pico-second laser. In the cell composed of laminated graphite electrodes and a lithium metal, the Li+-doping reaction proceeded much faster than in the cells of the graphite electrodes prepared with porous current collectors and a Li metal. In addition, the results of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy suggested that the transfer of Li+ ions though the holes on the graphite electrodes was a rate determining step of the doping reaction of Li+ to laminated graphite electrodes and that the decrease in the hole diameter at the constant of opening rate of holes on the graphite electrodes cased the reduction of resistance for Li+ ions, resulting in shortening the time for completing the doping reaction of Li+ ions.

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