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Rectification Characteristics of C60-doped 4-(2,2-diphenylethenyl)-N,N-bis(4-methylphenyl)-benzenamine Dual-layer Device
Shofu MATSUDAChikara ITAGAKIMasamichi ITOMinoru UMEDA
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2020 年 88 巻 5 号 p. 350-352


To achieve an efficient hole injection into triphenylamine derivatives cast on an Au electrode, we focused on the use of Fullerene (C60)-doped triphenylamine derivative as a buffer layer. After measuring the current-voltage properties of a layered device with the Au/C60-doped triphenylamine derivative/triphenylamine derivative/Au, hole injection was improved only at the interface where C60 was introduced. In addition, when 1 mol% of C60 was doped, the energy barrier for the hole injection decreased to 0.06 eV from 0.43 eV. Overall, we successfully developed a device with enhanced rectification properties.

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