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TEM Observation of LaPO4-Dispersed LATP Lithium-Ion Conductor
Fangzhou SONGHarunobu ONISHIWen-Jauh CHENTakeshi YABUTSUKATakeshi YAOShigeomi TAKAI
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2021 年 89 巻 5 号 p. 480-483


We have previously reported that a three-fold increase in lithium-ion conduction can be achieved on LATP (Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3) by dispersing LaPO4 particles through the co-sintering of LATP with 4 wt% of LLTO (Li0.348La0.55TiO3). However, the LaPO4 formation during sintering has been detected only by means of XRD and back-scattered SEM, and precise morphology of LaPO4 particles as well as LATP/LaPO4 interface have still been uncertain. In the present study, we carried out TEM experiments on the LaPO4-dispersed LATP composite to investigate the detailed microstructure and compositions of the dispersed LaPO4 particles and surrounding LATP matrix. HR-TEM coupled with EDS reveals that LaPO4 particle attains an intimate contact with the LATP matrix, which would allow the formation of space charge layer at the interface to enhance the conductivity.

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