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Advanced Carbon Based Materials for Fabrications of Sodium Ion Hybrid Capacitors with High Electrochemical Performance
Jianke LIWenjie LIANGXincheng MIAO Beibei HANGuiying XU Kun WANG Baigang ANDongying JUMaorong CHAIWeimin ZHOU
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2023 年 91 巻 5 号 p. 057003


Herein, the novel sodium ion hybrid capacitors (SIHCs) are successfully and facilely fabricated by utilizing the same carbon resource of magnesium citrate. Namely, the carbons which are fabricated by immediate carbonizations of magnesium citrate are used as positive electrodes, and N, S-doped carbons prepared by co-carbonizations of magnesium citrate with ammonium persulfate are determined as negative electrodes. The detailed electrochemical evaluations demonstrate that fabricated SIHCs possess tremendous Na+ storage performance. For instance, the fabricated SIHC(1//1) shows an energy density of 100.8 Wh Kg−1 at a power density of 136.8 W Kg−1, when current density was 0.1 A g−1. Furthermore, when the current density was set at 5.0 A g−1, this SIHC(1//1) also exhibits a power density of 12957.6 W Kg−1 at an energy density of 46.9 Wh Kg−1. These results reveal that SIHC(1//1) has the powerful competitiveness in high energy and power-required electricity storage applications.

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