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Purity and Minority Carrier Lifetime in Silicon Produced by Direct Electrolytic Reduction of SiO2 in Molten CaCl2
Ming ZHONGKouji YASUDATakayuki HOMMAToshiyuki NOHIRA
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Article ID: 17-00087


Si powder was produced by direct electrolytic reduction of SiO2 in molten CaCl2 at 1123 K. From the Si powder, Si ingots were obtained by a floating zone method. The concentrations of most metallic elements and of P in the Si ingots were lower than the acceptable levels for solar grade Si. The minority carrier lifetimes in the Si ingots were measured using a microwave photo conductivity decay method. The obtained values of ca. 1.0 µs were two orders of magnitude shorter than those observed in an Si ingot prepared from 10N purity Si.

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