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Electrochemical Detection for Sulfite Using Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified by Electrodeposition of Platinum Particles on Nitrogen-Containing Functional Groups
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This study reports a novel electrochemical sensing technique based on electro-deposited Pt particles on glassy carbon electrodes modified with nitrogen atoms containing functional groups (PtNF-GC) electrode for detecting sulfite in aqueous solution. PtNF-GC electrodes have a favorable electrocatalytic activity of sulfite oxidation, which moves the oxidation peak potential to the negative direction of potential unlike Pt disk, a bare glassy carbon electrode and electro-deposited Pt particles on glassy carbon (Pt-GC) electrode. The linear relationship between the oxidation current peak and sulfite concentration is over the range up to 10 mM with a detection limit of 100 µM. Our prepared PtNF-GC electrode was applied for the sulfite detection in sample solution with favorite recovery of sulfite. Additionally, a possible reaction mechanism of sulfite was discussed.

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