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Proteomic analysis of cancer tissues and cells
Yasuhiro Kuramitsu
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2021 Volume 65 Issue 2 Pages 23-27


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the studies performed by our team in cancer proteomics. An increased expression of HSP70 family proteins were identified in hepatoma tissues. Furthermore, increased IgG level of anti-HSP70.1 autoantibodies were identified in hepatoma patients’ sera, and we developed a highly sensitive protein chip which measured anti-HSP70.1 antibodies in sera. In another set of cancer proteomic studies, increased expression of Cofilin-phosphatase slingshot-1L (SSH1L) was identified in pancreatic cancer cells and we elucidated that SSH1L facilitated the motility and invasive ability of such cells. Furthermore, proteomic analysis for GEM-resistant and sensitive pancreatic cancer cells showed up-regulation of HSP27 in GEM-resistant cells and expression levels of HSP27 were significantly related to the survival period. In conclusion, proteomics has been a powerful research tool for the identification of biomarkers and target molecules towards cancer treatment.

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