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Endocrine Journal
Vol. 51 (2004) No. 4 P 425-434




Many athletes use drugs, especially anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS), but there are few reports on the endocrinological and pathological changes in AAS abusers. In this study we reported the results of endocrinological examinations in rats administered AAS and also physical changes. We separated 37 male Wistar rats (7 weeks old) into 3 groups: Group A was medicated with nandrolone decanoate, metenolone acetate, and dromostanolone; Group B with nandrolone decanoate and saline; and Group C was given only saline. They were given subcutaneous injections of the medications or the control vehicle once a week for 6 weeks. Medications were stopped for 4 weeks, and then resumed for another 6 weeks. After that, rats were sacrificed. Serum testosterone level in Group A was significantly higher than that in Group C. Serum dihydrotestosterone in Group A was significantly higher than that in both Groups B and C. Serum estradiol-17β levels in Groups A and B were significantly higher than that in Group C. In pathological evaluation, heart, testis, and adrenal gland were severely damaged. These findings indicate that there is a high degree of risk related to the use of AAS.

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