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Application of thermography in the diagnostic investigation of thyroid nodules
Charbel Pereira DamiãoJosé Ramón Gonzalez MonteroMaira Beatriz Hernandez MoranMaria Eugênia de Oliveira Marçal e Silva CarvalhoCamila Grotta de FariasIzadora Bighetti BritoMaria Auxiliadora Nogueira SaadCristina Asvolinsque Pantaleão FontesClaudio FainsteinManoel Fernando Oliveira RodriguesAniello PalomboAura ConciRubens Antunes da Cruz FilhoGiovanna Aparecida Balarini Lima
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論文ID: EJ20-0541


Thyroid nodules (TN) are common in the general population, and the clinical importance of diagnosing thyroid nodules is based on excluding the possibility of thyroid cancer, which occurs in 7–15% of cases. The thyroid gland, owing to its superficial location, is easily accessible via thermography, a noninvasive method of recording body temperature that measures infrared radiation emitted by the body surface. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the temperature differences between benign and malignant TN by using thermography. We conducted a cross-sectional study where 147 TN were divided into two groups: the first group included 120 benign nodules and the other included 27 malignant nodules. All the nodules were subjected to ultrasound, fine needle aspiration biopsy, and thermography. On analyzing the thermography results, the benign nodules had a higher temperature at the beginning of the thermography evaluation, and the malignant nodules showed a higher temperature in the middle and at the end (Ft). Using the relationships, it was observed that the temperature delta (ΔT), ΔT nodule/ΔT healthy, ΔT nodule minus ΔT healthy, and nodule Ft minus Ft of the healthy region were higher in malignant nodules. The ROC curve analysis of ΔT demonstrated a cutoff point of 2.38°C, with a sensitivity of 0.963 and specificity of 0.992. Malignant nodules have higher temperatures than benign nodules on thermographic evaluation. This finding suggests that thermography can be a useful tool in the diagnosis of thyroid nodules.

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