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Liquid Storage of Miniature Boar Semen
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2002 Volume 51 Issue 2 Pages 143-147


The effects of liquid storage at 15°C on the fertilizing ability of miniature pig semen were investigated. Characterization of ejaculated semen from 3 miniature boars was carried out. Semen volume and pH were similar among these boars. In one of the boars, sperm motility was slightly low, and sperm concentration and total number of sperm were significantly lower than in the others (P<0.01). Seminal plasma of the semen was substituted with various extenders (Kiev, Androhep, BTS and Modena) by centrifugation and semen was stored for 7 days at 15°C. Sperm motility was estimated daily at 37°C. For complete substitution of seminal plasma, Modena was significantly more efficient than the other extenders (P<0.001) in retaining sperm motility. Semen from each of the 3 miniature boars that had been stored for 5 to 7 days at 15°C in Modena was used for artificial insemination of 15 miniature sows. The farrowing rates were 100, 100 and 60%, and litter sizes were 6.4±1.5, 5.8±0.8 and 5.0±1.0 for each boar semen, respectively. The boar that sired the smallest farrowing rate was the same one that showed lower seminal quality with respect to sperm motility, sperm concentration and total number of sperm. These results suggest that miniature boar semen can be stored for at least 5 days at 15°C by the substitution of seminal plasma with Modena extender.

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