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Effect of conjugated linolenic acid (cis-9, trans11, cis-13-18:3) on growth performance and lipid composition of fingerling rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss
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2004 年 70 巻 6 号 p. 1009-1018


This study investigated the effect of conjugated linolenic acid (CLNA) on the growth and lipid composition of fingerling rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. Thirty individuals in each tank with three dietary treatments and duplicate groups were subjected to three dietary levels (0:4, 2:2, 4:0) of CLNA and linolenic acid (LNA) at 16°C in the laboratory for a period of 9 weeks. Punicic acid (cis-9, trans-11, cis-13-18:3) and linseed oil were used as sources of CLNA and LNA, respectively. The hepatosomatic index and body lipid content of the 2% CLNA dietary treatment increased significantly (P<0.05) with respect to the control (LNA treatment). But the specific growth rate and percent gain did not improve significantly. After 6 weeks' observation, the 4% CLNA dietary treatment exhibited higher mortality and liver weight but lower weight gains (1.1-1.9 g). No significant differences were observed in the results of the feed efficiency and moisture as well as the protein content of the whole body among the treatments. Incorporation of CLNA into fish tissues was at a distinctly higher level in neutral lipids than in polar lipids. Increased levels of 22:6n-3 were found in the 4% CLNA treatment but decreased levels were found in the 2% CLNA treatment in both neutral and polar fractions. In the CLNA treatments, saturated fatty acid was relatively unaffected, the level of 18:1 was increased and the level of 18:2n-6 was decreased. These results indicate that the lower level (2%) of CLNA had no significant effect on the growth and the higher level (4%) of CLNA caused higher mortality as well as attenuating the growth of the fish. Dietary CLNA accumulated in a greater amount in the neutral lipids and modulated the fatty acid composition in the whole body of rainbow trout fingerlings.



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