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Risk Assessment Report: Genetically Modified Foods and Feeds
MON 87411 line, a Maize Tolerant to Glyphosate and Resistant to Coleoptera
Food Safety Commission of Japan
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2016 Volume 4 Issue 3 Pages 91-92


The Food Safety Commission of Japan (FSCJ) conducted a safety assessment of MON 87411 line, a maize tolerant to glyphosate and resistant to Coleoptera, based on the documents submitted by the applicant. The documents, evaluated based on the “Standards for the Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Foods (Seed plants)” (Decision of the Commission dated 29 January 2004), included the safety of the inserted genes, toxicity and allergenicity of the protein produced from the inserted genes, post-insertion analyses of the nucleotide sequences, stability of the inserted genes in the successive generations, influence on metabolic pathways in the plants, comparative characterization of nutrients and toxic ingredients in plants. Consequently, no emergences of safety concerns were recognized based on the comparison between this line and the conventional counterpart. The dsRNA originated from DvSnf7 fragment is unlikely to pose unintended adverse effect to human. In conclusion, no concern relevant to human health is raised on the maize MON 87411 line, tolerant to glyphosate and resistant to Coleoptera.

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