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Optimum Preparative Method for Storing Cream Puff Paste without Deterioration
ジャーナル フリー

1998 年 4 巻 1 号 p. 18-24


When cream puff paste (CPP) was baked after it was kept at 35°C for 3 h, it did not puff up as much as one baked just after preparation of the CPP. The optimum preparative method for CPP with the least deterioration during storage was found by carrying out random centroid optimization regarding 9 factors, such as the ratio of flour, shortening, yolk, egg white and water as ingredients, and the heating time at the first stage, the temperature of the heated mixture of water, shortening, and flour on the addition of the egg solution, and the time and temperature of the incubation of the yolk as preparative conditions. The optimum values of 18.0%, 14.7%, 13.4%, 25.4%, 28.5%, 106.5s, 53.9°C, 46.7 min, and 63.7°C were obtained, respectively. Each value except the time and temperature for incubating the yolk was similar to that in the standard preparative method of CPP, which brought about deterioration during storage. The incubation of the yolk at 63.7°C for 46.7 min caused a decreased in the specific activity of amylase in the yolk from 1.71±0.43 to 0.20±0.17 μg of maltose/mg of protein but did not affect proteins in the CPP.

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