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GENGO KENKYU (Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan)
Vol. 1995 (1995) No. 107 P 87-112



This paper deals with the problems concerning "Subject" and"Focus" in Philippine-Formosan native languages, paying special attention to nominal and verbal forms.
The result of the discussion reveals that there is a three stratum system concerning "Subject" and "Focus": the first stratum is the basic semantic layer, which has to do with the semantic roles; the second stratum is Subject layer, which relates to the selection of subject and object; the upper most layer is Focus layer, which deals with thedefiniteness in the sentences/context.
This system is very similar to the one by Bell (1983), though one stratum is placed under initial and final subjects. And in the system the advancement rule is applicable and plays an important role, although the Chomeur Condition is observed only in the process from first to second layer. In addition the verbal information in the lower stratum is transferred to the upper.

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