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GENGO KENKYU (Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan)
Vol. 1996 (1996) No. 110 P 79-119



In this paper, a set of three extremely simple wordformation rules, dealing with compounding, prefixation, and suffixation, are proposed and related to Rendaku(R)-voicing in the Shuri dialect, which has been used as the Standard Ryukyuan dialect since the prosperous age of the Ryukyuan Dynasty.It is argued that structures derived by these wordformation rules are effective not only in the account of ambiguous interpretations of some morphologically complex words, but also in the specification of a structural constraint on R-voicing in the case of complex words in the Shuri dialect.In the present analysis, R-voicing is directly applied to word structures derived by the proposed rules:they replace the Right Branch Condition'proposed by Otsu(1980)on R-voicing in Standard Japanese, or the cyclic rule-application of R-voicing presented in Ito&Mester(1986).The proposed analysis renders unnecessary the specification of boundary symbols in the phonological representation.

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