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RIRE1, a retrotransposon from wild rice Oryza australiensis
Kenichi NomaReiko NakajimaHisako OhtsuboEiichi Ohtsubo
ジャーナル フリー

1997 年 72 巻 3 号 p. 131-140


RIRE1 is a retrotransposon present in wild rice Oryza australiensis in an extraordinary number of copies, and only a portion of the LTR sequence has been determined previously. Here, we isolated and sequenced DNA segments of various portions of RIRE1, revealing that the sequences of LTR and the internal region were 1523 and 5277 bp in length, respectively. The internal region shows homology with the pol region in copia, a Drosophila retrotransposon, indicating that RIRE1 is a copia-like retrotransposon. The internal region of RIRE1 contained an open reading frame coding for genes, gag, pro, int, rt and rh, like copia and retroelements related to it. A clone screened from a library of the O. australiensis genomic DNA contained solo LTR, which was flanked by direct repeats of a 5-bp sequence. This suggests that RIRE1 generates a duplication of the target sequence of 5 bp upon retroposition. We observed that many RIRE1 members were nested by another RIRE1 member. This indicates that these RIRE1 members have received another RIRE1 to make an extraordinary number of copies in the O. australiensis genome without giving a deleterious effect on the growth of rice cells.

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