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Identification of a novel isoform of Murr1 transcript, U2mu, which is transcribed from the portions of two closely located but oppositely oriented genes
Youdong WangKeiichiro JohTsunehiro Mukai
ジャーナル フリー

2002 年 77 巻 5 号 p. 377-381


Here we identified a novel transcript in mouse that is transcribed from the portions of two independent genes, U2af1-rs1 and Murr1, and we designated it U2mu. The U2af1-rs1 gene is located in the intron and transcribed in the opposite direction from the Murr1 gene on the proximal region of mouse chromosome 11. The U2mu cDNA sequence is derived from three genomic regions - an intron of the Murr1 gene, an antisense sequence of U2af1-rs1 gene, and the last exon of Murr1 gene - in the order of 5' to 3'. The U2mu transcript of 2.8 kb is expressed ubiquitously in adult mice. It is transcribed biallelically, and is not imprinted, in neonatal and adult mice.

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