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Rice tillering dwarf mutant dwarf3 has increased leaf longevity during darkness-induced senescence or hydrogen peroxide-induced cell death
Haifang YanHiroaki SaikaMasahiko MaekawaItsuro TakamureNobuhiro TsutsumiJunko KyozukaMikio Nakazono
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2007 年 82 巻 4 号 p. 361-366


Senescence or cell death in plant leaves is known to be inducible by darkness or H2O2. When the Arabidopsis gene MAX2/ORE9 is disrupted, leaf senescence or cell death in response to the above stimuli is delayed. Because the rice (Oryza sativa L.) gene DWARF3 (D3) is orthologous to MAX2/ORE9, we wished to know whether disruption of D3 also results in increased longevity in leaves. We found that darkness-induced senescence or H2O2-induced cell death in the third leaf [as measured by chlorophyll degradation, membrane ion leakage and expression of senescence-associated genes (SAGs)] in a d3 rice mutant was delayed by 1–3 d compared to that in its reference line Shiokari. Moreover, the mRNA levels of D3, HTD1 and D10, which are orthologs of Arabidopsis MAX2/ORE9, MAX3 and MAX4, respectively, increased during cell death. These results suggest that D3 protein in rice, like MAX2/ORE9 in Arabidopsis, is involved in leaf senescence or cell death.

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