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Long-term patter ns of genomic P element content and P-M characteristics of Drosophila melanogaster in eastern Australia
Keiji OguraR. C. WoodruffMasanobu ItohIan A. Boussy
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2007 年 82 巻 6 号 p. 479-487


A latitudinal cline in characteristics associated with the P DNA transposable element is well known in eastern Australian populations of Drosophila melanogaster. In order to survey the long-term patterns of P-M system characteristics and genomic P element content, we established 292 isofemale lines from 54 localities in 1996–1997 and evaluated them for gonadal dysgenesis (GD) sterility and the ratio of KP to full-size P elements (KP/FP ratio). The results were compared to those from collections made in 1983–1986 and 1991–1994. Over 10–14 years, 1) the cross A GD scores of the northern-middle populations declined dramatically; 2) the clinal pattern of the cross A* GD scores did not change; 3) the latitudinal pattern of the KP/FP ratio did not change. The results suggest that only a few P elements determine P-M characteristics and that there has been selection for genomes with fewer active P elements, but not for a great change in proportions of size classes.

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