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Effect of high-LET Fe-ion beam irradiation on mutation induction in Arabidopsis thaliana
Yusuke KazamaTomonari HiranoKiyoshi NishiharaSumie OhbuYuki ShirakawaTomoko Abe
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2013 年 88 巻 3 号 p. 189-197


Heavy-ion beams are powerful mutagens. They cause a broad spectrum of mutation phenotypes with high efficiency even at low irradiation doses and short irradiation times. These mutagenic effects are due to dense ionisation in a localised region along the ion particle path. Linear energy transfer (LET; keV·μm–1), which represents the degree of locally deposited energy, is an important parameter in heavy-ion mutagenesis. For high LET radiation above 290 keV∙μm–1, however, neither the mutation frequency nor the molecular nature of the mutations has been fully characterised. In this study, we investigated the effect of Fe-ion beams with an LET of 640 keV∙μm–1 on both the mutation frequency and the molecular nature of the mutations. Screening of well-characterised mutants (hy and gl) revealed that the mutation frequency was lower than any other ion species with low LET. We investigated the resulting mutations in the 4 identified mutants. Three mutants were examined by employing PCR-based methods, one of which had 2-bp deletion, another had 178 bp of tandemly duplication, and other one had complicated chromosomal rearrangements with variable deletions in size at breakpoints. We also detected large deletions in the other mutant by using array comparative genomic hybridisation. From the results of the analysis of the breakpoints and junctions of the detected deletions, it was revealed that the mutants harboured chromosomal rearrangements in their genomes. These results indicate that Fe-ion irradiation tends to cause complex mutations with low efficiency. We conclude that Fe-ion irradiation could be useful for inducing chromosomal rearrangements or large deletions.

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