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Identification of CDKN2A variants in breast cancer patients in Pakistan
Ranjha KhanAyesha AftabSobia TabassumHafiz Muhammad Jafar HussainAbdul HameedHumera MahmoodFaiza MunirIhtisham Bukhari
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2019 年 94 巻 3 号 p. 117-122


The role of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A gene (CDKN2A) variants in breast cancer is not well understood, here we investigated their possible effects on breast cancer in Pakistani women attending the NORI Hospital, Islamabad. Direct DNA sequencing of CDKN2A identified an already known polymorphism in the 3′ UTR, c.*29G>C (rs11515), in 5.88% patients and two novel variants. One, a deep intronic substitution (c.458-554T>G) in 1.96% patients, is also detected as a compound heterozygous form along with c.*29G>C in 1.96% patients (c.[458-554T>G; *29G>C]). The other is a novel deletion (c.458-82delG) occurring as a compound variant with two other identified variants c.[458-554T>G; 458-82delG; *29G>C] in 1.96% patients. In silico pathogenicity prediction analyses did not predict pathogenic effects on breast cancer for these individual variants. We conclude that variations in CDKN2A are not the major genetic cause of breast cancer in the enrolled Pakistani patients.

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