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Journal of the Geothermal Research Society of Japan
Vol. 38 (2016) No. 3 p. 85-100



Technical report

Geothermal energy laws in other countries may be great reference when Japan considers enhancing its own legal framework to promote geothermal energy development. This paper follows the previous paper of “Geothermal Energy Laws in the World” which was placed in the Journal of Geothermal Research Society of Japan, vol. 34, No.3 (2012). The previous paper surveyed geothermal energy laws of nine major geothermal countries including the U.S., the Philippines, New Zealand, Iceland and Japan. This paper is a supplemental paper to provide information of geothermal energy law of other countries such as Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Costa Rica, Peru and Ethiopia. The surveys show; (i) Each country has its own geothermal energy law to promote geothermal energy development. (ii) Hot Spring Law, that was enacted to regulate small wells for thermal baths, is also used to regulate large-scale wells for geothermal power plants in Japan. There are, however, many inconvenience arise from adapting Hot Spring Law to geothermal energy development. (iii) Japan needs to enact its own “Geothermal Energy Law,” of which objective is to control and to promote geothermal energy development, with reference of other countryʼs geothermal laws.


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