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Journal of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
Vol. 6 (2017) No. 4 p. 162-165



Case report

 A 53-year-old female was diagnosed acute type adult T cell lymphoma (ATL). After anti-CCR4 antibody mogamulizmab administration, we performed non-myeloablative cord-blood transplantation. On day 22, GVHD appeared after engraftment. After beginning of PSL, cytomegaloviral (CMV) meningo-encephalitis was occurred. Since the anti-viral drugs were not effective enough, we treated her with intrathecal administration of non-complete human immunoglobulin, which transiently improved her level of consciousness and decreased the CMV viral load. But she died of the refractory CMV encephalitis. Further examination is necessary about intrathecal administration of non-complete human immunoglobulin therapy.

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