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Habitat Conditions and Geographical Distribution of the Symplocos myrtacea Sieb. et Zucc. Population at the Northern Distributional Limit.

1998 Volume 9 Pages 19-26


investigated at Mt. Saikoji-yama, Hyogo, Japan, the northern distributional limit. In order to clarif ythe populational characteristic sat Mt.Saikoji-yama, we compared it with a population at Aya, Miyazaki, southern Kyushu, the distributiona lcenter. Then a geographic distributio nmap of this species was made upon examination of many specimens and compilation of various documentation. This species appeared in a lucidophyllous forest on a mountain ridge. Population density (138 individual trees, 0.0092/m2) was low at Mt. Saikoji-yama. As well, the size there was very samll. However, DBH size (7.5cm), tree height (5.5m) and age (65 years old) were greater than the population at Aya (0.171/m2, 4.5cm, 4.4m, 52 yr. , respectively). The Saikoji-yama population had fewer saplings than the Miyazaki population. S. myrtacea grows very slowly compared to S. prunifolia, although this species is highly tolerant to shade and lives in the lucidophyllous forest. This species is distributed from Kyushu to Shikoku, Chugoku and Kinki districts, and southwestern Japan, except for around the Seto Inland Sea. We bilieve that the refugia of this species in the last glacia lstage existed not only in the Kyushu district ,but also in Shikoku or the southern part of the Kinki district

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