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Distribution of the Fireflies Luciola cruciata, L. lateralis and Hotaria parvula in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, Central Japan

1998 Volume 9 Pages 87-96


This report discusses the results of our survey in 1995-1997 about the distribution of the firefli eLsuciola cruciata ,L. laterali sand Hotaria parvula, and their habitats in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, central Japan. L. cruciata ,the most popular firefl yin Japan, was observed at 48 sites. They appeared from late-May to late-June in the lowlands of this area. L. lateralis and H. parvula were observed at 12 and 10 sites, respectively. H. parvula, known to inhabit deciduous broad-leaved or bamboo forests, was found only in the northern part of the city. This species appered from mid-June to early-July.

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