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Research Grant Report
Predicting the Particle Deposition in Airways for Pulmonary DDS
Toshihiro SERA
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2018 Volume 26 Pages 94-99


In this study, we developed the platform of numerical simulation to predict the particle deposition for drug delivery system (DDS) in lung. In particular, we focused on conducting airways and alveolar regions. In conducting airways, we proposed an averaged airway model design based on four healthy subjects and numerically evaluated its effectiveness for predicting the airflow and particle transport through an airway. It is necessary to use the individual model to obtain the particle deposition rate and distribution in detail, however the direct-averaged model may be useful for predicting the individual airflow and particle transport on a macroscopic scale. In alveolar regions, the deformation during respiration should be not ignored, and previously, the alveolar deformation is assumed to be homogenous self-similar. In this study, we reconstructed the heterogeneous realistic alveolar deformation by the image-based morphing and evaluated the particle transport. Compared from under the homogenous deformation, the particles under the heterogeneous deformation were transported and deposited widely in alveolar region.

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