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Hypertension Research
Vol. 27 (2004) No. 2 February P 79-84



Clinical studies

Recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) has been reported to induce hypertension. We investigated the effect of a single injection of rHuEPO on blood pressure in patients receiving hemodialysis (HD) and in patients with predialysis chronic renal failure (CRF). Forty-one patients receiving HD and 36 patients with predialysis CRF received an intravenous injection of rHuEPO, and blood pressure and plasma endothelin-1 were measured before and 30 min after the injection. Mean blood pressure was increased significantly in HD patients, but not in CRF patients (HD: 103±5 to 105±6 mmHg, p <0.05; CRF: 103±4 to 103±6, NS). The percentage of patients with increased mean blood pressure of more than 10 mmHg after rHuEPO injection was significantly larger in the HD than in the CRF group (27.0% vs. 5.5%, p <0.01). A positive correlation was found between changes in endothelin-1 level and mean blood pressure in the HD (r =0.43, p <0.01) but not in predialysis chronic renal failure. In conclusion, a single injection of rHuEPO increased blood pressure with a positive correlation with endothelin-1 release in hemodialysis patients, but not in predialysis chronic renal failure patients. (Hypertens Res 2004; 27: 79-84)

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