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Development of Buddha's Enlightenment
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2005 Volume 54 Issue 1 Pages 21-24,1237


At the age of 35, the founder of Buddhism, the Buddha, attained His Enlightenment in Uruvela. This enlightenment is complete enlightenment as thought by many people. But according to Vinaya Mahavagga I, Buddha attained pathamabhisambuddha at first, then in the second stage he developed his enlightenment even more. After his first sermon, the Order consisted of 61 Arahants, and the Buddha further developed his spiritual development in the first rain retreat. He attained incomparable deliverance (anuttara-vimutti) through mindful concentration (manasikara).
Enlightenment under the Bo-tree is to become free from Ignorance (avijja) through knowledge (vijja) which must be called emancipation through insight (pañña-vimutti). After the first sermon five ascetics, Yasa and his 54 friends, attained enlightenment through being set free from desire (tanha), which must be called emancipation through mind (citta-vimutti). Emancipation under the Bo-tree is the first stage of enlightenment, but emancipation through both sides (ubhato-vimutti) is a much higher and deeper enlightenment, which is regarded as anuttara-vimutti.

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