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Vol. 132 (2012) No. 8 P 1340-1346




Many researches and developments of table-top interface have been proposed in the last decade. In a table-top system, the difference of operations between the digital media and the physical media like a paper gives us unsatisfactory experience and disturbs a comfortable simultaneous using of them. It is required for user satisfaction that the user can operate the digital and physical media seamlessly. In this paper, we propose a table-top interface system that allows users to operate digital media intuitively by using gesture recognition. The proposed table can capture an image of the object on the table by press gesture recognition from users' nail images based on SVM, and can acquire a digital content from a digital paper reader by shake gesture of the device. The evaluation experiments show that the proposed system recognizes users' finger state with higher accuracy and the users can intuitively operate the table without awareness of the data transmission.

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