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Vol. 133 (2013) No. 9 P 1762-1769




These days the deveopment of information technology has enabled us more easily to get information on user behaviors on the Internet such as web browsing history and products purchase on the E-commerce sites. E-commerce and Web advertising companies try to make effective use of those data to their businesses by segmenting or modeling their customers. In particular, Web advertising companies analyze browsing histories and interesting advertisements of their customers and intend to display ads which their customers likely to have interests in. These changes have influence on marketers, who make decision about ads delivery. They are required to image and decide their targets, or try some delivery and find them. This study introduces the concept of site browsing behavior type and models customer behaviors on browsing and clicking ads on the Internet based on actual customer browsing history data. This study also assumes that this model should be helpful to the marketers, constructs and runs agent simulations with modelized users to validate the user model, and finally analyzes some particular examples and shows the model is useful for customer targeting.

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