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Vol. 135 (2015) No. 9 P 1085-1089




We have succeeded in synthesiing the ZnO microspheres by laser ablation of a ZnO sintered target in air, and we have demonstrated ultraviolet whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) lasing from the sphere under ultraviolet pulsed laser excitation. In this study, we investigated the dependence of the laser fluence and the spot size on the growth of the ZnO microspheres. Large size of more than 30 µm microspheres were synthesized with increasing the laser fluence up to 440 J/cm2. Although undesired nanoparticles and fragments were also generated at high fluence and large ablation spot size, selective collection of the microspheres can be expected because of different emitting distribution of the microspheres and other fragments.

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