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Vol. 123 (2003) No. 5 P 462-467




Preliminary experiments were conducted on Cu wiring or interconnect preparation in semiconductor devices using shielded cathodic arc deposition, comparing with the non-shielded method, normal shielded method, torus-type filtered arc deposition method (Torus-FAD), and T-shape filtered arc deposition method (T-FAD). The magnetically transported-shielded arc plasma was focused on a substrate using an electromagnetic coil and a permanent magnet. The principal results were as follows: (1) the evaporation rate increased with arc current; (2) the number of macrodroplets emitted from the Cu cathode reduced when the shield-substrate distance in the normal shielded method was shorter; (3) the deposition rate of the magnetically transported-shielded cathodic arc deposition (MT-SCAD) was 8 times higher than that of the normal shielded method; and (4) there was an insufficient filled void in the Cu film at the interconnect trench prepared by MT-SCAD, although there were no voids in the film prepared by Torus-FAD and T-FAD.

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