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Vol. 127 (2007) No. 10 P 567-573




Various materials of the rod electrode were examined in pulsed arc of PEN-Jet (Plasma ENergized-Jet) with working gas of air, which can be used for the surface treatment under atmospheric pressure. The erosion of the rod electrode was measured and it surface was observed. The amount of erosion and surface appearance were found to be different for the materials, input power and energizing time. Tungsten (W) rod electrode was oxidized immediately after starting the discharge and tungsten oxide (WO3) powder was generated over the side surface of electrode tip. This powder contaminated the treating surface. Copper (Cu) rod electrode was also oxidized immediately and CuO/Cu2O multi-layer was formed on the electrode surface. However, the erosion of Cu electrode was quite small. Platinum (Pt) and iridium (20 wt%)-contained-platinum (Pt-Ir) rod electrode were not oxidized and their erosions were significantly small. This indicated that they could be employed for keeping the constant electrode-gap and processing the surface treatment without contamination due to electrode erosion.

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