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Vol. 119 (1999) No. 10 P 1243-1248



Amorphous TiO2 thin films were deposited on glass and Si substrates with steered vacuum arc deposition (NAD; Nonfiltered Arc Deposition), shielded arc deposition (SAD), and magnetically filtered arc deposition (FAD) systems. The film deposited by NAD contained a few large droplets sized 1.0 μm and a large quantity of small droplets sized 0.1 μm. The film deposited by SAD contained no large droplets but the small droplets were remained by half of those on the film deposited by NAD. The film deposited by FAD contained almost no droplets. As for optical properties (transmittance, refractive index, and extinction coefficient) and mechanical properties (microhardness and elastic modulus), there is no significant difference among the films deposited by each method. The films were thoroughly transparent with no absorption in visual region, and harder than the glass substrate. Deposition rate of SAD decreased by three quarters of that of NAD.

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