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Vol. 131 (2011) No. 8 P 1078-1086




In this paper, we propose a new control method of the inverter frequency and the inverter output power with load resonant frequency adjusting phase shift inverter. The proposed control method is applicable to stet the phase-shift inverter with only one output current sensor. When the proposed method is employed, the fundamental waveform signal of inverter output voltage is obtained because the output voltage of a phase-shift inverter is a pulse waveform. Unity power factor and a high efficiency are achieved by adopting the proposed method involving the tracking control of load resonant frequency. In the proposed method, the fundamental waveform signal of inverter output voltage coincides with the detected inverter output current waveform. Moreover, as the inverter output power is regulated by controlling the phase angle of inverter leg in this proposed method, soft-switching control can be realized. In study, the validity of the proposed method is confirmed on the basis of experimental results.

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