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The Study on the Perception of Taiwanese and Immigrant towards the Imagery of the Culture Code Applied on the Calico of the “Fortune Chicken”
- Non Verbal Communication Across Cultures via Inscription -
Shi-Mei HUANGMing-Chyuan HOYuan-Hua LU
ジャーナル フリー

2018 年 17 巻 3 号 p. 161-170


The “Fortune Chicken” is a common wedding gift in Taiwanese wedding ceremony, and it possesses the connotation of “Family”, “Fertility” and “Blessing”. The study aims at probing the spherical shape of “Fortune Chicken” with the use of various fabrics in order to bring out different cultural codes and create a deviation in imagery for assisting immigrants in comprehending the cultural implication of Taiwanese wedding. The concept of “Communicating Across Cultures” can be the foundation for selecting “Fortune Chicken” in wedding. The result of study showed among 60 subjects with different backgrounds, 30 immigrants and 30 Taiwanese, preferred the cultural code imagery of the calico fabric from Taiwan for “Fortune Chicken” with red brocade and gold satin weave among the calicos from Taiwan, Japan and the United Sates.

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