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Structure of Attitude towards Life of Healthy Elderly People Living in Urban Areas in Japan and Taiwan
- Toward Creation of Service Design for Improving Quality of Life -
Ryoichi TAMURAHsi-Jen CHEN
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In this study, we targeted healthy elderly individuals living with family in urban areas in Japan and Taiwan and considered the structure of their attitude towards life by conducting a survey and analysis of “satisfaction with daily life” and three aspects of attitude towards life that could affect satisfaction, namely, “enjoyment in daily life,” “anxiety in daily life,” and “ikigai in daily life.” The results revealed that “enjoyment of daily life” had a large positive effect and “anxiety in daily life” had a negative effect on the prediction of “satisfaction with daily life.” From the results of a factor analysis of what affects the consciousness of these two aspects of daily life, we were able to derive guidelines for considering service design. In addition, the characteristics and issues of each attribute could be clarified from the relationship between the attributes and the extracted clusters.

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