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Two-Dimensional Theoretical Study on Flow Characteristics of a Spiral-Channel Viscous Micropump
Donghyuk KangKoichi NishibeKotaro SatoKazuhiko Yokota
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2018 年 11 巻 4 号 p. 374-386


This study investigates the flow characteristics of a spiral-channel viscous micropump using two-dimensional theoretical analysis. The obtained results are compared to the results obtained from experiments, numerical simulations, and the theoretical analysis of Kilani et al., and the similarities and differences between these approaches are discussed. The present two-dimensional theoretical approach is validated. Its accuracy is improved as compared to previous work by setting the spiral-channel axis as the spiral-channel length from the pump inlet to the outlet and by considering the moving wall as a component in the spiral-channel direction of the circumferential velocity of the rotating disk. Furthermore, the present two-dimensional analysis can accurately predict pump performance, even though the actual flow in the micropump is three dimensional.



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