International Journal of Sport and Health Science
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Association of School Teachers' Occupational and Daily Physical Activity Level in Hong Kong
PY Peggy CheungBik C. Chow
キーワード: occupational PA, pedometer, PE teacher
ジャーナル フリー

2012 年 10 巻 p. 23-29


The aims of the study were to examine the association between occupational PA and overall PA level of school teachers, and to compare the occupational PA level of school teachers engaged in PAs of a different nature at work (PE and non-PE teacher) in Hong Kong. Seventy-one elementary school teachers were assessed for three-day PA levels using step pedometers. Results indicated that occupational PA significantly predicted overall daily PA level. PE teachers were reported to have higher step counts during working hours compared with non-PE teachers. In addition, the occupational PA level of teaching profession is not reported to be at low level. The promotion of PA, both leisure and occupational, should be emphasized to the teaching profession.

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