International Journal of Sport and Health Science
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Comparison of Hallux Valgus Angle Deformity in Korean Basketball and Non-basketball Players
Sookyeung ParkSeunghoon LeeYunkyung HongYoungjeon LeeKanghui ParkDongkwang ShinSang-Rae LeeKyu-Tae ChangYonggeun Hong
ジャーナル フリー 早期公開

論文ID: 201126


This study compared the range of hallux valgus angle (HVA) deformity between basketball players and same aged non-basketball players as controls. The participants included 21 basketball players (9 males, 12 females, mean age 18 years) and 36 age-matched college students (19 males, 17 females, mean age 20 years) who served as controls. After direct palpation of the first metatarsal and proximal phalange, we measured the HVA deformity using a photographic approach in the women basketball players and a goniometer for the men basketball players and all controls. The HVA was greater in basketball players than in the controls. Among female basketball players, the HVA was significantly greater in guards compared with forwards and centers. In conclusion, playing basketball may increase the HVA. The greater increase in HVA among guards might arise because they are required to make diagonal and horizontal movements that increase the burden on the foot. In general insole or ergonomic shoes could reduce pain, improved walking ability, and hallux valgus angle for prophylactic or therapeutic approaches. Therefore, an appropriate preventive interventional program should be developed.

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