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Pressure Loss in Elbow Pipes of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride
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1996 Volume 34 Issue 4 Pages 389-401


In the ductwork of local exhaust systems, 90° elbow pipes (JIS K 6739) are commonly used to alter the direction of airflow; thus, are important components of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ducts. Pressure loss in 90° PVC elbow pipes was investigated by measuring static pressure, and the characteristics of airflow was determined. First, a linear decrease in static pressure was observed at points of the downstream side beyond a distance of 10 times the diameter (10d) from the flanged round opening of the smooth VU ducts (JIS K6741). The linear decrease was also observed at points of the downstream side located at distances of greater than 30d from the elbow pipe. Coefficients of loss in the PVC elbow pipes were found to be constant for the Reynolds numbers ranging from 3.38 x 104 to 5.96 x 105 for all diameters examined, and a chart of pressure loss was constructed with these coefficients. The coefficients of loss in PVC elbow pipes were not equivalent to those of metal stamped elbows for any R/d. However, the differences in the coefficients between the metal stamped elbow and the PVC elbow were smaller with larger R/d values.

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