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A Proposal Based on Consideration about a Document-Management Scheme by Using Git and Blockchain Methods
Daichi IkedaHikaru Morita
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Keywords: Git, Blockchain

2018 Volume 18 Pages 62-75


In Japan, the government’s cronyism scandal on Moritomo Gakuen land deal has been attracting public attention. As the parties concerned hide the facts and falsify them to misunderstand the recognition, not only can they not discuss the solution for the fundamental solution, but there is also concern that the purification action of the society may become dysfunctional.

For such problems, the authors have researched from the standpoint that the means of tracing back is important in order to clarify the facts if there is fraud or suspicion. It is because if it can be traced back, it can be a deterrent to fraud.

In this paper, we consider a fact definition, a document management function, and a falsification prevention function. In particular, prime “definition of fact” is the core part including the function of generating facts conveniently and cross-referencing facts, which makes it possible to examine the causality of suspicion or fraud. The second term uses the name of Git in a symbolic sense, and means a model of cross reference for each version, such as updating and deleting such as correction and correction of a document with transparency of Git. The third term uses the name of the block chain in a symbolic sense, and means a model of the document tampering prevention function by the block chain and the original Merkle tree. The document management system can be constructed from the above three functions.

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