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Internal Medicine
Vol. 47 (2008) No. 21 P 1911-1915




Autoimmune hypercalcemia has been reported in only a few cases, and never in the context of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome.
A patient with type 1, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, Graves' disease, and antiparietal cell antibodies presented with persistent hypercalcemia with inappropriate PTH secretion. Other causes of hypercalcemia were excluded.
In this context of two associated organ-specific autoimmune diseases we searched for autoantibodies directed to parathyroid tissue and to calcium-sensing receptor. Anti-parathyroid autoantibodies were detected by indirect immunofluorescence on parathyroid adenomas, and autoantibody against a peptide of the extracellular domain of the calcium-sensing receptor were detected by immunoblotting.
Autoimmune hypercalcemia may be another organ-specific feature of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome.

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