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Internal Medicine
Vol. 50 (2011) No. 16 P 1695-1702




We injected acetylcholine (Ach) into the coronary artery to ascertain whether coronary vasospasm contributed to the syncopal events or chest oppression suffered by 3 patients with long QT syndrome (LQTS). During the test, a quadripolar electrode catheter was placed in the right ventricle and the activation-recovery interval was reanalyzed from the stored data. Intracoronary Ach transiently prolonged the QT intervals in all 3 patients without inducing coronary vasospasm. The Ach-induced QT prolongation was associated with enhanced spatial and temporal dispersion of intra-ventricular repolarization. The electrophysiological abnormalities were consistent with the putative arrhythmogenic mechanisms identified in experimental studies of LQTS.

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