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Internal Medicine
Vol. 51 (2012) No. 18 p. 2621-2623




A 36-year-old, previously healthy man presented with Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS) five days after he was diagnosed with an influenza A infection by a rapid antigen test. He had not received any recent vaccinations. He had no loss of consciousness. Bilateral ophthalmoplegia, blepharoptosis, areflexia, and ataxic gait were noted. One week after treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin, his ophthalmoplegia, blepharoptosis, and ataxic gait had gradually improved, and his deep tendon reflexes returned. Anti-GQ1b IgG antibodies were detected in his serum. There has been no previous report of postinfectious MFS following confirmed an influenza A infection in an adult.

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