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The Effect of High-Concentration Insulin Glarigine on the Quality of Life of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Pre-Post Study (HIGH-QOL STUDY)
Takashi MurataAtsuhito ToneRyuji KouyamaKenji KamiuchiKohshi NarasakiMiho TsuruoTomokazu WatanabeSatoshi KawashimaKen KatoHideaki SawakiKensou OsawaMoritsugu KimuraMasao ToyodaAkiko SuganumaNaoki Sakanefor the HIGH-QOL study group
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Objective We compared the pain accompanying the injection of high-concentration (300 units/mL) insulin glargine (U300G) with that accompanying the injection of conventional (100 units/mL) insulin glargine (U100G).

Methods U100G was switched to U300G at basically the same dosage. Visual analog scales were used to assess the quality of life (QOL). The primary outcome was the change in the pain accompanying injections in those using ≥30 units of U100G compared with those using <30 units at baseline. Standardized mean differences (Cohen's d) were used to measure the effect size.

Patients Adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus using U100G.

Results One hundred and eight patients were recruited. The numbers of patients who used U100G at ≥30 units, 20 to <30 units, 10 to <20 units, and <10 units were 13, 14, 34, and 47, respectively. The improvement in the pain score was not significant for ≥30 units compared with <30 units (−50.3±24.0 vs. −40.4±28.5, p=0.25, d=0.38), but a significant difference was observed for ≥20 units compared with <20 units (−50.8±22.7 vs. −38.4±29.1, p=0.03, d=0.48), as well as for ≥10 units compared with <10 units (−48.1±25.0 vs. −33.0±29.7, p<0.01, d=0.56). When all patients were analyzed together, significant improvements in the pain score (−41.5±28.0, p<0.01), ease of use score (−37.5±32.2, p<0.01), force needed to inject score (−46.5±28.6, p<0.01), and preference for U300G compared with U100G score (−45.8±33.1, p<0.01) were observed.

Conclusion There is possibility that switching from U100G to U300G might be associated with better QOL for patients who require insulin glargine injections. To prove this hypothesis, a randomized controlled trial (preferably double-blinded) will be required in the future.

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