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Internal Medicine
Vol. 31 (1992) No. 1 P 39-43



The patient, an 18-yr-old male (admission ht 153 cm, wt 30 kg), had been suffering from growth arrest and intermittent abdominal pain since he was 13yr old, which was left untreated. Examinations on admission disclosed almost normal pituitary function, while levels of testosterone and somatomedin C were low. Roentgenological examination revealed extensive skipstenotic lesions and longitudinal ulcers in the ileum, diagnostic of Crohn's disease. Therapy involving high-caloric parenteral and enteral alimentation resulted in a marked increase in both ht and wt, and improvement in roentgenological and colonoscopical findings. The interrelation between Crohn's disease and malnutrition with reference to some reports in the literature is discussed.
(Internal Medicine 31 : 39-43, 1992)

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